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Welcome to my website.

I’m so glad you stopped by. Let me begin by introducing myself, I’m Judy Perrone,  better known as The Cookie Queen Tampa.  I’ve been baking cookies and all sorts of other goodies since I was a little girl.  Cooking and baking was a trait I inherited from my mother.   My mom and I were always in the kitchen baking and cooking.  I continued the tradition of always being in the kitchen, especially after I got married to my wonderful husband Dennis that loves to eat the delicious creations I make.  So I have perfected my recipes by having the master taster, Dennis try them all! You know how they say the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach? Well that definitely worked on him! Then, I started baking my soft and yummy cookies for my family and friends.  I started having bake sales as fundraisers throughout Tampa.  Then people started asking me to make special orders for birthday celebrations, baby showers, BBQ, and all sorts of other themed parties.  People began telling me I should sell my cookies.  So here we are!  


I would love the opportunity to create some unique cookies for your special occasion.

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